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33. Abraham3 Fine (Peter2, Thomas1) (Source: "Pioneer Personalities, Prominent People, Pleasant Places", Excerpts from Historical Sketches written in 1940 and compiled in 1948 by Cora Massey Mims: .) was born March 24, 1789 in Green Co., NC., and died September 26, 1861 in Newport ,Tenn. He married Elizabeth Smith September 27, 1821 in Cocke County,Tenn..

Notes for Abraham Fine:
Abraham Fine appointed Commissioner by the 22nd General Assy. of the State January 17, 1838.
Abt. 1833 Abraham was ordained as Ruling Elder of the Church held at the Anderson Academy.
Abraham was prominently identified with the public affairs of the county until his death.
Abraham was Sheriff from 1838-1840 while sheriff he raided and broke up an organaized band of Counterfeiters that operated near Wolf Creek.

From 1813-1815 he participated in the war with tyhe Creek indians in Capt. Lillards regiment of Tenn. calvalry

Notes for Elizabeth Smith:
This letter written to "Mother" was written to Elizabeth Smith Fine who was
his mother-in-law. He was married to Elizabeth Fine b. 1823 who was called
A W and Lizzie Fine Walker are buried side be side in Old Harmony cemetary,
Greeneville, TN.

Knoxville May 5th 1864

Dear Mother
I am here and in verry good Health. hope all there the same. on
Saturday I a_____ to leave for Hiwassie Bridge,all right. would be glad to
see you all but I cannot now hope to soon. I rec'd a letter from Lizzie on
yesterday. all well. informing me that Russ & Frank had both left. I have
watched closely for them. If I find them the only thing I can do with them
is to turn them over to the authorities. and get a r__pt for them. I have
no power to send them home. I am of the opinion they will not come here,
they will stay some where in Sevier Co. Where Smiths Boys are. If you can
see Alex send him down there and look after them If you can. hear nothing of
them, dont fret. I would not give one hours good sleep for every Negro in
the south. I am satisfied the thing is gone up the spout.
I can say I am in good health and fine ____ its, would like to have come
around among you. but I failed. you must take the will for the act. I
would have went home but knew that Lizzie was gone to see you. I send a
letter for her. I want you to fail not in sending it to her. I would like
to know where Will is how he is. and what he is yet doing. I cant think but
that we will soon be back in our own country.
I think that will be so yet I may be mistaken. I think of nothing more to
write to you. If you can have a chance to write to me direct to Capt A W
Walker. 8th Tenn Vols. Inft. as there is two 8th one cavalry the other
Infantry. nothing more

Your Son
A W Walker

Facts about this person:

Alt. Born March 24, 1789
Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee

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Alt. Died September 26, 1861
New Port, Tenn.

Burial Unknown

Sheriff in Cocke County, Tennessee

Source: philippeter.FTW
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Date of Import: Apr 28, 2000 
FINE, Abraham (I18469)
Curtis Jett gave the ground to establish a subscription school for his and his neighbors' children. The school was located about 1 1/2 miles from the mouth of Turkey Creek and its confluence with the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River. Miss Ann Searcy, from Madison County, Kentucky, near Richmond, was one of the teachers Curtis Jett employed. Miss Ann Searcy married Stephen Jett, Jr., the youngest son of Curtis Jett, even though she was several years older than her husband. When the last of the Jett children had passed through the school, it was discontinued and the property reverted to Curtis Jett.
Together with his son Samuel, Curtis and his brother Newton Jett, acquired title to a number of acres of land in Breathitt and Owsley Counties, Kentucky.
Curtis was a well-to-do farmer, merchang, miller, horse trader, and cattle buyer who spent his life in the Clay/Breathitt County areas of Kentucky.
Due to increasing troubles, brought about by the Little-Crockrell feud, and the Jetts having allied themselves with the Cockrells against the Littles. Curtis Jett purchased a 205.5 acre farm on Muddy Creek in Madison County, Kentucky from Noah H. Tevis and his wife (deed book 23, p 49) on January 8, 1877. He immediately sent his son, Hiram Jett and Hiram's family away from Breathitt County to this farm in Madison County in an effort to isolate his son from the troubles in Breathitt County. 
JETT, Curtis (I55565)
Facts about this person:

Buchanan Cemetery 
BERRY, John Washington (I53826)
Facts about this person:

Probate Abt. 1638
landed in Mass. 
STONE, Bridgett (I24477)
Huram Bryant lists 10 children in his will. #728 administrator John Ellis, granted March 18, 1847, final settlement March 23, 1847; Cole County, Missouri. Alternate spelling of Huram is Hurum. He is a twin to Hiram? . He was one of the Founding Fathers of The University of Missouri. 
BRYANT, Huram (I64851)
Jerry Little was an unsavory character who had spread unfounded rumors about a daughter of James Cockerell. After Curtis was shot, his older brother, Hiram, shot a load of buckshot into Jerry Little but he survived. The killing is said to be near the courthouse in Jackson. 
JETT, Curtis Jr. (I77166)
William Evan is a descendant of Squire Boone, father of Daniel Boone, Sarah Boone, Squire's daughter married JohnWilcockson (later changed to Wilcoxin among other spellings). John and Sarah had 15 children, 1 of which was Rachel Wilcockson who married Capt. William Bryant. Captain Bryant established Bryant's Station near present day Lexington, Kentucky, which was the first white settlement in Kentucky. A flood wiped out Bryant's Station not long after Boone Station, which later became known as Fort Boonesboro, was established; which made Boone Station the first permanent white settlement in Kentucky. Capt. William Bryant had 11 children, one of whom was Hiram born 1792, father of William Evans Bryant. He is found on the 1850 Census in Breathwith County, KY. 
BRYANT, William Evan (I14204)
8 in Auto Accident PORTER, Dorothy May (I19579)
9 ! Emmett Burk married Marcelyne Faugust in 1941. She was born
4/18/1916 and died 12/4/1996 in St. Louis Mo. Both are buried at Oak Hill
Cemetery, Kirkwood, MO 
DRESCHER, Emmett Burk (I26081)
10 ! Married Elenora Perrin b: FEB 1875 in Kentucky
*Married: 24 DEC 1891 in Lyon County, Kentucky
1. William H. Peek b: NOV 1892 in Kentucky
2. Jane E. Peek b: FEB 1894 in Kentucky
3. Gertrude Peek b: MAY 1897 in Kentucky
4. Ben E. Peek b: APR 1900 in Kentucky 
PEEK, Stephen M. (I15381)
A native of Kentucky, was born at Louisville, May 8, 1845. Her father,
the late Gen. Humphrey Marshall, was distinguished as a statesman,
diplomat, lawyer, and soldier. Her education, which had been conducted
with singular care and advantage, was interrrupted by the vicissitudes of
the war around her Henry county home - whence she went, in 1862,
through the Southern lines, to nurse a wounded brother, and soon after
met the gallant Confederate officer, Capt. John J. McAfee, whom she
married, Feb. 13, 1871, while he was serving his first of two terms,
1869-73, as the representative of Mercer county in the Kentucky
MARSHALL, Nellie Nichol (I81767)
12 ! PROBATE: Will bk 1; Lyon Co Ky; 11 Sep 1903 (written); 5 Dec 1903 (rec)
wife Tabitah J.,
oldest s John H.
Sarah B Jarett
Thom W.
Sam F.
James W.
Dan B.
Annie F.

! HEIRS of Emiline Lee,
Bobby J.
heirs/o decd d Mary L. Hill.
Grand daughter Jonnie F. Hill.
Two illegitimate grand children:...
Richard Leslie Peek s/o
James W. and
John B. Peek s/o
Bobby J. Peek.

! Care of cem. cited.
!mrtn.20 1 Jan 1873 deed Caldwell Co Ky land formerly conveyed to John W
etal as heirs of Thos W Peek.
!mrtn.18 31 May 1838 Caldwell Co from Wilson Martin lot 68 Eddyville 
PEEK, John Wilson (I62069)
13 ! ! A Little John Fleming, son of a brother of John Rulaford Fleming
(probably David), whereabouts unknown. The story goes that the railroad
had killed a cow or horse of his and would not pay damages. So Little John
took lye soap and soaped the tracks and made the train stall, after which
he left the area.

! From notes of Mary Ilene Fleming. 
FLEMING, John James Crittenden (I29553)
14 ! ! 17 Mar 1828 John W. MARSHALL appointed guardian for George
MARSHALL, one of the heirs and infants of George MARSHALL
dec'd. Security: Reuben R. MARSHALL.

! 21 Apr 1828 John W. MARSHALL appointed guardian for Gabriel
R. MARSHALL, infant son of Geo. MARSHALL dec'd. Security:
David DOOM.

! Apparently after his father's (George Marshall, Sr.) death John
Washington Marshall was more or less the head of the fsmily. He and
Samuel P.L. were administrators of their father's estate.

! When their sister Joanna married John Jarrett on 4-17-1829 there was a
note written by John, dated 4-17-1829, stating that he had just returned
home from New Orleans and that Jarrett had made an agreement with his
brother, Samuel P.L. to meet him in the Clerks Office. He, John and Samuel
were busy with their goods (getting ready to open a retail store), so he was
sending theie brother, George, Jr., to meet with Jarrett at the Clerk's
Office (to apply for a Marriage License for Joanna and Jarrett).

! John and Samuel opened their retail business as partners. John became a
leading wealthy merchant in Eddyville and was identified with all public
enterprises and was a member of the Masonic fraternity. 
MARSHALL, John Washington (I45882)
15 ! ! From Donna Lou Davenport Walker
Lillie married Arch E. Kemper (1899-1954). He is buried in the Dycusburg
Cemetery in Crittenden County, KY. 
PEEK, Lillie I. (I76307)
16 ! 1860 Crittenden Co., KY Federal Census. 138/138
William L. DAVENPORT 28, Farmer/renter, TN
Mary 30, KY
Charles L. 2, KY
Sarah A. 8/12 KY ...

! William L. Davenport was a Civil War Veteran having served with Company
D, 20th Infantry of the Union as a Corporal as did his brother
DAVENPORT, Samuel H. Private Vet trans to 6 KY Vet Cav

! The 20th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, USA was organized late 1861 and
mustered into United States service 6 Jan 1862 at Smithland, Kentucky
(Livingston County). It participated in the battles Shiloh, TN, Corinth, MS,
Lebanon, KY, Kenesaw Mountain, GA, Dallas, GA, Ackworth, GA, and Atlanta,
Georgia. It was mustered out at Louisville, KY, 17 January 1865 with the
members being transferred to the 6th KY Veteran Cavalry. Abstracted
from the Adjutant General Report.

! William signed an affidavit in support of Mrs Ann O'Brien's request for a
half-pay pension for her husband Dennis O'Brien who was killed at the Battle
of Shiloh in 4-6-1862. Order Book G Page 273 of 5-26-1862 
DAVENPORT, William Lewis (I49628)
17 ! 1860 Crittenden Co., KY Federal Census. 138/138 William L. DAVENPORT
28, Farmer/renter, TN Mary 30, KY Charles L. 2, KY Sarah A. 8/12 KY ...

! Sarah Ann was previously married to William McCree on 2-5-1879. Her
father William L. Davenport consented to the marriage performed by John
Myers at William L. Davenport's home. Also witnessed by Sarah's mother
Mary, Samuel Houston Davenport (William's brother) and John O. Tabor.

! The closeness in spelling and sounding of Sarah McCree to Sarah McRy led
one researcher to listing a Sarah McRy as his wife. According to a local
genealogist, and granddaughter Perninah Grace Farmer (Peek), Richard had
two wives. Sarah Ann (Davenport) McCree and Sarah J. Pilcher.

! Information from Dycusburg Cemetery website and from Peninah Grace
(Farmer) Peek. 
DAVENPORT, Sarah Ann (I6263)
18 ! 1900 Lyon County, Kentucky, ED 62, Page 338A, Visit #524/535 PEEK, William David (I38721)
19 ! 1930 Norfolk, VA, Deep Creek Township, District 4 CENSUS
Household #675, Prospect Pkwy
HILL, Howard N., head, 38, born TN, Father & Mother: TN, Lieutenant,
HILL, Francis E., wife, 23, born DC, Father:Switzerland, Mother:Ireland,
married 2 yrs.
Arrivals at Ellis Island - probabnly not related.
1.Alfred Morgenegg Bern 1905 2
2.Marie Morgenegg Bern 1905 31 
MORGENEGG, Frances Elizabeth (I72929)
20 ! A child, name unknown, died 6-20-1925 is buried in Kuttawa Park
Cewmetery, Lyon County, KY 
PEEK, Benjamin David (I71034)
21 ! Ada Elizabeth was known as Aunt Tweet. She was only 22 years old when
her husband died. She apparently never re-married because her Death
Certificate shows her name as GRAY

! From KY Death Records
Volume 46 Certificate 22711 
FLEMING, Ada Elizabeth (I69239)
22 ! After husband William L. Peek was killed in Germany during WWII Perline
remarried to W.A. Kirk

! Perline died 26 Jun 2000 in Salem, KY and is buried in the Salem Cemetery. 
ASHBRIDGE, Perline (I25963)
23 ! Agatha married Chancellor Caleb Wallace Logan. Their daughter Agatha
Logan married her cousin Louis Christman Marshall, son of Dr. Louis
MARSHALL, Agatha (I17156)
24 ! Alexander was a representative from Jassamin County, KY in the
constitutional Convention of 1858 and the Ashland District Congress in
MARSHALL, Dr. Alexander K. (I35151)
25 ! Alice, according to the 1920 St. Louis, MO Census, age 67, was living in
the household of her daughter Nellie and Nellie's husband Robert.

! Alice's father was Dr.William Dunham (1815, OH-1878, KY), his wife was
Susan Hardin (abt 1819 in KY)and they had several children. 
DUNHAM, Alice (I36828)
26 ! Andrew Jackson Hinshaw married second, Hickman Co., KY, Sept. 1, 1867,
Marriage Book, page 358. Mrs. Nancy Godwin-McDougal; living Mississippi
Co., MO, 1880; 1900, 1920). Children shown in 1870 Hickman Co., KY,
census, and 1880 Mississippi Co., MO, census - in 1900, Nancy indicated she
had 11 children with 5 living (the state of birth is that shown in the earliest
census examined. Nancy died from dysentery according to her Death
Certificate #12864; informant was son Luther Hinshaw.

! In 1910 Nancy L. was living in St. James Township, Ward 2, Hibbard,
Mississippi County, MO with her son Luther L and granddaughter Rita, age
13, born in Missouri.

! In Ilene (Fleming) Hinshaw's files she has a group photo taken in 1915
showing "grandmother Hinshaw". With the census records showing
Nancy, at age 78 in 1920 (listed as head of the household and only her
son Luther living with her, she died 6-8-1927). She would have been 87
years of age. Frances (daughter of Oscar) said Luther claimed a reason he
never married was his obligation to his mother, also remembers that Nancy
was alive during the 1927 flood.

! Nancy's father was William Cornelius Godwin, born 5-11-1812, died
9-2-1905 and is buried in the Dogwood Cemetery in Mississippi County,
Missouri. William married Sabella Brandon, born 1815 in Tennessee.
They were married in Cannon County, TN on 11-21-1838. Their children
were Mary Rebecca,1840 and Nancy L., 1842. Nancy's grandparents were
Samuel Godwin (born about1770) and Nancy Duke born about 1780. They
had six children

! Nancy died from dysentery. 
27 ! Ann was daughter of Thomas Doane, born 1472 in Of, Tydd Saint Mary,
Lincolnshire, England and Unknown, born 1476 in Of, Tydd Saint Mary,
Lincolnshire, England. 
DOANE, Ann (I35177)
28 ! Anne married William Green, born about 1765. MARSHALL, Anne (I42342)
29 ! As of the Caldwell County 1850 Census, he was still living with his parents.
1. Francis C. PEEK b: 1846 in Caldwell County,KY
2. Mary E. PEEK b: 1847 in Caldwell County,KY
3. Sarah A.B. PEEK b: 1850 in Jessmine County,KY 
PEEK, George Simpson (I80124)
30 ! Bobbie married Vic W. Perkins on 2-7-1904.
Their children are:
Isaac Newton, 1908 to 1-19-1924
Annie, died 2-15-1977 in West Frankfort, IL.
Inez, died 12-29-1941 - married Ural Giess.
Hiram W. - married Virginia Cox
Robert L. - married Thelma
John W.
Willie Lois 12-1-1923 to 8-5-1993

!Annie Perkins, died 2-15-1977 in West Frankfort, IL.
She married Carl Armstrong;
Child is Bobbie Jane Armstrong, born 11-4-1936 who married Harold Cole.

!Hiram W. Perkins married Virginia Cox, child is David Perkins.

!Robert L. Perkins married Thelma. Their children are" Robert L Perkins,
Jr.; Anna Marie Perkins; and Peggy Perkins.

! Willie Lois 12-1-1923 to 8-5-1993 married Albert McCormick.
Their Children are:
Jinny "Buddy" McCormick
Mary Jane McCormick 
PEEK, Bobbie Jane (I27906)
31 ! BURIAL: He was buried in Jones Cemetary, Lyon County, KY, located on the
Cumberland River a stone's throw from Barkley Dam. His wife, Sarah
Elizabeth Rucker, is probably also buried there. The story goes that during
the 1937 Flood the cattle were let into the cemetary to keep them from
drowning and many markers were destroyed. John W. Marshall's marker
was one of them.

! BIOGRAPHY: After John W.'s death, Stephen H. Doom was guardian for his
children, Isaac, Reuben and Gideon Cobb., October 7, 1875. There was a
guardian report to the Court of a note against John Jones, administrator of
Isaac Rucker, deceased, for the amount of $231.14. James B. Marshall
must have died before this date since he is not listed as one of the
children. (Source - bundles, guardian reports, Lyon County Court House). 
MARSHALL, John W. (I47683)
32 ! Byrd Peek was a first cousin to Mary Ilene (Fleming) Hinshaw, who kept a
picture of him and another first cousin, Violet Williams, among her
keepsakes. Byrd was three years older than Ilene. Violet Williams (1894)
was the daughter of Ida Emma Fleming (1858) and William Bale Williams.

!1900 Lyon County, Kentucky, ED 62, Page 338A, Visit #524/535 
PEEK, Byrd M. (I29723)
33 ! Caldwell Co Marriages by Brenda Jerome,1809-l873.
Robert R Fleming married Miss Martha Jane Marshall on 22 Feb 1843 by
Robert Fisk consent by bride's father RR Marshall

! One record shows Robert being born in 1810 in Carroll County, KY- but
grandniece Mary Ilene Fleming (Hinshaw) notes shows Robert R. Fleming.
born 1815, died 1857, name and dates on his marble Grave Marker (fallen).

! He died of typhoid (winter fever).

! 1850 Census, Caldwell Co., KY, Sept. 26, 1850; page 336; dwelling 824;
family 824: Robert Fleming; age 34; farmer; real estate $1,000.; born in
Tennessee; Martha Fleming; age 22; born Caldwell Co., KY;
Martha Fleming; age 6; born in Caldwell Co., KY; Nancy C. Fleming; age 4;
born in Caldwell Co., KY; John J. C. Fleming; age 5/12; born in Caldwell Co.,
FLEMING, Robert R. (I20680)
34 ! Captain John Marshall was Captain of Calvary in Royal Army of Charles I
at battle of Edgehill. Came to VA in 1650 and first settled in
Jamestown, later moved to Westmoreland County, VA. 
MARSHALL, Capt. John (I18827)
35 ! Cassie married Chester Clayborne. PEEK, Cassie Mae (I24206)
36 ! Census: 1870 Lyon County, Kentucky, District 1, page 74, Visit #412/417
Census: 1880 Lyon County Kentucky, ED 141, Page 3A, Visit # 38/39

! Father and Mother born in KY 
UNKNOWN, Mariah (I78325)
37 ! Census: 1900 Lyon County, Kentucky, ED 62, Page 338A, Visit #524/535
*Census: 1860 Lyon County, Kentucky, Page 695, Visit #229/229
*Census: 1870 Lyon County, Kentucky, District 1, Page 36, Visit

! Information from 1860 and 1870 Eddyville, Lyon County
KY Census 
FLEMING, Frances Anna (I80046)
38 ! Census: 1900 Lyon County, Kentucky, ED 62, Page 344B, Visit #641/653
Title: Marriages of Lyon County 1889-1917

! Father: Robert Washington Gray b: 7 JUN 1851 in Caldwell County, KY
Death: 18 Mar 1929 in Lyon Co KY

! Mother: Sarah George b: 24 MAY 1851
Death: 13 July 1929 in Caldwell Co KY 
GRAY, Clarence (I29671)
39 ! Census: 1900 Lyon County, Kentucky, ED 62, Page 345B, Visit #650/662
*Census: 1860 Lyon County, Kentucky, Page 695, Visit #229/229
*Census: 1870 Lyon County, Kentucky, District 1, Page 36, Visit

! From KY Death Records
WILLIAMS IDA E Age 85 LYON County Date 2-08-1944
Volume 011 Certificate 05065 
FLEMING, Ida Emma (I8124)
40 ! Charles was bequeathed land in his father's will. Came to Fayette County,
KY but eventually returned to VA. He was a twin of William.

! Children
1. Anna Maria MARSHALL b: 8 Aug 1788 in Warrenton,,Virginia
2. Jane MARSHALL b: 28 Aug 1794 in Warrenton,,Virginia
3. Lucy MARSHALL b: 15 Aug 1796 in Warrentown,,Virginia
4. Martin Picket MARSHALL b: 10 Feb 1798 in Warrenton,,Virginia
5. Charles Coatsworth MARSHALL b: 10 Aug 1799 in Warrenton,,Virginia
6. Alexander J. MARSHALL b: 21 Feb 1803 in Warrenton,,Virginia
7. Susan MARSHALL b: 18 Oct 1805 
MARSHALL, Charles (I58524)
41 ! Charlotte's father left her land and slaves in his will.

! Married Dr. Basil Duke of Washington, Ky 1794 
MARSHALL, Charlotte (I72877)
42 ! Children
1. Mary Ann MARSHALL b: 11 NOV 1824 in Caldwell County,KY
2. Joanna MARSHALL b: 10 FEB 1830
3. Sarah Jane MARSHALL b: 8 FEB 1831 in Caldwell County,KY
4. Nancy L. MARSHALL b: 1834 in Caldwell County,KY
5. Reuben Franklin MARSHALL b: 1835 in Caldwell County,KY
6. Margaret A. MARSHALL b: 1839 in Caldwell County,KY 
MARSHALL, William (I11684)
43 ! Children
1. Mary Wilson MARTIN b: 30 MAY 1867
2. Richard F. MARTIN b: 6 NOV 1869 - Nov 10 1892
3. Walter Perry MARTIN b: 29 JAN 1872 -3 Jul-1951 + Ann Coffey
4. Edwin Phelps MARTIN b: 29 JAN 1872 - 12 Sept 1942 + Sally Goode
5. Henry Franklin MARTIN b: 18 APR 1874 - Feb 1936 + Annie Francis Peek
6. Kenneth MARTIN b: 4 MAY 1876 - 30 Jan 1941 + Bertha Coffey
7. Elizabeth C. MARTIN b: 5 MAY 1878 - 14 May 1883
8. James P. MARTIN b: 15 JUL 1880 - 14 May 1883
9. Leslie MARTIN b: 14 SEP 1884 - 20 Nov 1884
10. Jessie MARTIN b: 14 SEP 1886 - 29 Jun 1860 + Eddie Terry 
MARTIN, James Thomas (I26079)
44 ! Children
1. Squire W. PILCHER b: Abt 1820 in NC
2. Benjamin W. PILCHER b: Abt 1823 in NC
3. Huldah C. PILCHER b: Abt 1825 in NC
4. John A. PILCHER b: Abt 1828 in NC
5. Mary T. PILCHER b: Abt 1830 in NC
6. James T. PILCHER b: Abt 1833 in NC
7. Josiah S. PILCHER b: Abt 1834 in NC
8. Daniel C. PILCHER b: 1839 in Jackson Co., MO
9. Sarah J. PILCHER b: Abt 1844 in Jackson Co., MO
10. Robert W. PILCHER b: 1847 in Jackson Co., MO

! Father: Daniel C. PILCHER b: Abt 1760 in Culpepper Co., VA
Mother: Susannah "Susan" MURPHY 
PILCHER, Daniel C. (I69307)
45 ! Children
1. William MARSHALL b: BET. 1710 - 1715
2. Alexander MARSHALL b: BET. 1710 - 1720
3. Frances MARSHALL b: BET. 1715 - 1720 
MARSHALL, Alexander (I60332)
46 ! Children of EDGAR KOON and KITTY ? are:
KOON, Edgar Eugene (I65641)
47 ! Children of JOHN KOON and RUTH YATES are:
KOON, John Russell (I56603)
i. DORIS5 MCPHERSON, b. 1925; m. SYRUS JARRETT; b. 1923; d. 1971.
ii. MARY MCPHERSON, b. 1922; m. JAMES JARRETT; b. 1919; d. 1986.
iii. DAVID MCPHERSON, b. August 24, 1928.
iv. RICHARD MCPHERSON, b. August 24, 1917; d. June 09, 1948.
v. CLYDE MCPHERSON, b. 1919; d. 1971.
vii. LOUISE MCPHERSON, b. October 05, 1910; d. January 28, 1916.
MCPHERSON, Shellie (I20656)
49 ! Children:
1. Sex Name
Born: 19 Feb 1880 Place:
2. Sex Name
Born: 29 Jul 1882 Place:
3. Sex Name
Born: 2 Dec 1879 Place:  
CRUTCHFIELD, Virginia (I27900)
50 ! Cornellia married Clinton Holland, born 3-7-1935, died 11-14-1977.
Their children are:
1.Gary Lynn (adopted by Clinton), he married Donna Rhodes.
2.Billy Wayne
MARSHALL, Cornellia "Neil" (I65545)

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