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Milford, New Haven, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADKINSON, Rebecca  Milford, New Haven, CT I61198
2 BALDWIN, Abigail  Milford, New Haven, CT I56740
3 BALDWIN, Abigail  1658Milford, New Haven, CT I56105
4 BALDWIN, Abigail  1694Milford, New Haven, CT I32695
5 BALDWIN, Barnabus  1665Milford, New Haven, CT I79397
6 BALDWIN, Benjamin  1642Milford, New Haven, CT I23420
7 BALDWIN, Benjamin  1676Milford, New Haven, CT I36070
8 BALDWIN, Benjamin  1781Milford, New Haven, CT I16723
9 BALDWIN, Daniel  1689Milford, New Haven, CT I34001
10 BALDWIN, Daniel  1695Milford, New Haven, CT I65240
11 BALDWIN, David  1651Milford, New Haven, CT I14463
12 BALDWIN, Edward  Milford, New Haven, CT I38977
13 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  1644Milford, New Haven, CT I65064
14 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  1646Milford, New Haven, CT I32498
15 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  1649Milford, New Haven, CT I41702
16 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  1672Milford, New Haven, CT I15232
17 BALDWIN, Esther  1673Milford, New Haven, CT I83541
18 BALDWIN, Esther  1676Milford, New Haven, CT I6244
19 BALDWIN, George  1662Milford, New Haven, CT I20194
20 BALDWIN, Hannah  1643Milford, New Haven, CT I14453
21 BALDWIN, Hannah  1644Milford, New Haven, CT I33602
22 BALDWIN, Hannah  1663Milford, New Haven, CT I38119
23 BALDWIN, Hannah  1668Milford, New Haven, CT I68822
24 BALDWIN, Hannah  1674Milford, New Haven, CT I60596
25 BALDWIN, Hannah  1687Milford, New Haven, CT I42969
26 BALDWIN, Hezekiah  1697Milford, New Haven, CT I83049
27 BALDWIN, John  Milford, New Haven, CT I27042
28 BALDWIN, John  20 Mar 1648Milford, New Haven, CT I23726
29 BALDWIN, John  1670Milford, New Haven, CT I59845
30 BALDWIN, John  1683Milford, New Haven, CT I38256
31 BALDWIN, John  1695Milford, New Haven, CT I47792
32 BALDWIN, Jonathan  1648Milford, New Haven, CT I29308
33 BALDWIN, Jonathan  1680Milford, New Haven, CT I70052
34 BALDWIN, Joseph  Milford, New Haven, CT I9097
35 BALDWIN, Joseph  1640Milford, New Haven, CT I50404
36 BALDWIN, Joseph  1651Milford, New Haven, CT I32724
37 BALDWIN, Joseph  1685Milford, New Haven, CT I51997
38 BALDWIN, Joshua  1691Milford, New Haven, CT I25083
39 BALDWIN, Josiah  1642Milford, New Haven, CT I14759
40 BALDWIN, Martha  1647Milford, New Haven, CT I23470
41 BALDWIN, Martha  1690Milford, New Haven, CT I34166
42 BALDWIN, Martha  1719Milford, New Haven, CT I69701
43 BALDWIN, Mary  1644Milford, New Haven, CT I50414
44 BALDWIN, Mary  1653Milford, New Haven, CT I46472
45 BALDWIN, Mary  1654Milford, New Haven, CT I83088
46 BALDWIN, Jr Nathaniel  1645Milford, New Haven, CT I40316
47 BALDWIN, Nathaniel  1647Milford, New Haven, CT I5751
48 BALDWIN, Nathaniel  6 Sep 1676Milford, New Haven, CT I44968
49 BALDWIN, Obadiah  1660Milford, New Haven, CT I47137
50 BALDWIN, Phineas  1699Milford, New Haven, CT I29756

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADKINSON, Rebecca  28 Mar 1710Milford, New Haven, CT I61198
2 ALSOP, Elizabeth  1669Milford, New Haven, CT I85109
3 ANDREWS, Samuel  1738Milford, New Haven, CT I41155
4 BALDWIN, Abigail  1823Milford, New Haven, CT I16219
5 BALDWIN, Benjamin  1748Milford, New Haven, CT I36070
6 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  1725Milford, New Haven, CT I42510
7 BALDWIN, John  21 Jun 1681Milford, New Haven, CT I13954
8 BALDWIN, Jonathan  1739Milford, New Haven, CT I29308
9 BALDWIN, Martha  14 Sep 1740Milford, New Haven, CT I34166
10 BALDWIN, Nathaniel  5 Jul 1701Milford, New Haven, CT I44968
11 BALDWIN, Obadiah  8 Jan 1737Milford, New Haven, CT I47137
12 BALDWIN, Richard  1665Milford, New Haven, CT I14054
13 BALDWIN, Samuel  21 Jan 1764Milford, New Haven, CT I18055
14 BALDWIN, Theophilus  1698Milford, New Haven, CT I71920
15 BALDWIN, Timothy  1664Milford, New Haven, CT I12659
16 BEACH, Landa  1824Milford, New Haven, CT I52160
17 BEACH, Samuel  1728Milford, New Haven, CT I5448
18 BEACH, Thomas  1677Milford, New Haven, CT I66450
19 BENTON, Hannah  1675Milford, New Haven, CT I62813
20 BENTON, John  1683Milford, New Haven, CT I5879
21 BETTS, Hannah  1680Milford, New Haven, CT I70245
22 BOTSFORD, Hannah  1686Milford, New Haven, CT I31308
23 BOTSFORD, Henry  1686Milford, New Haven, CT I51648
24 BOYSE, Joanna  1682Milford, New Haven, CT I25117
25 BRUEN, Hannah  1695Milford, New Haven, CT I8290
26 BRUEN, Mary  1670Milford, New Haven, CT I34694
27 CAMP, Abigail  Milford, New Haven, CT I59454
28 CAMP, Abigail  1667Milford, New Haven, CT I48148
29 CAMP, Abigail  1742Milford, New Haven, CT I62536
30 CAMP, Edward  1720Milford, New Haven, CT I71517
31 CAMP, Edward  1721Milford, New Haven, CT I42899
32 CAMP, Enos  20 Jun 1768Milford, New Haven, CT I78076
33 CAMP, Joel  1713Milford, New Haven, CT I49967
34 CAMP, Joseph  1750Milford, New Haven, CT I71564
35 CAMP, Mary  1652Milford, New Haven, CT I49943
36 CAMP, Mary  1691Milford, New Haven, CT I66740
37 CAMP, Nicholas  1653Milford, New Haven, CT I42352
38 CAMP, Jr Nicholas  1706Milford, New Haven, CT I53488
39 CAMP, Samuel  22 Nov 1645Milford, New Haven, CT I55382
40 CAMP, Samuel  27 Jan 1736Milford, New Haven, CT I37853
41 CAMP, Sarah  1669Milford, New Haven, CT I82288
42 CAMP, Sarah  1710Milford, New Haven, CT I53569
43 CANFIELD, Elizabeth  1730Milford, New Haven, CT I69130
44 CANFIELD, Mary  1680Milford, New Haven, CT I19348
45 CANFIELD, Phebe  1730Milford, New Haven, CT I80548
46 CANFIELD, Sarah  1696Milford, New Haven, CT I49875
47 CANFIELD, III Thomas  1689Milford, New Haven, CT I64552
48 CANFIELD, Jr Thomas  1689Milford, New Haven, CT I67176
49 CANFIELD, V Thomas  1712Milford, New Haven, CT I57171
50 CLARK, Lydia  3 Nov 1777Milford, New Haven, CT I32540

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Samuel  14 Jan 1689Milford, New Haven, CT I18055
2 CAMP, Jr John  2 Sep 1645Milford, New Haven, CT I1979


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CAMP, Enos  20 May 1687Milford, New Haven, CT I78076


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Treat  Milford, New Haven, CT F14755
2 Baldwin / Alsop  1642Milford, New Haven, CT F5028
3 Baldwin / Bottsford  Milford, New Haven, CT F8501
4 Baldwin / Camp  25 Jun 1667Milford, New Haven, CT F5299
5 Baldwin / Camp  1680Milford, New Haven, CT F12807
6 Baldwin / Goodrich  1716Milford, New Haven, CT F17086
7 Baldwin / Hine  1733Milford, New Haven, CT F13986
8 Baldwin / Oviatt  Milford, New Haven, CT F10527
9 Baldwin / Phippen  Milford, New Haven, CT F2125
10 Baldwin / Strong  10 Jul 1700Milford, New Haven, CT F23664
11 Baldwin / Unknown  Milford, New Haven, CT F16870
12 Baldwin / Ward  1677Milford, New Haven, CT F10601
13 Baldwin / Welles  1642Milford, New Haven, CT F4513
14 Bassett / Baldwin  1685Milford, New Haven, CT F7620
15 Beach / Baldwin  1749Milford, New Haven, CT F18662
16 Beach / Platt  1652Milford, New Haven, CT F23708
17 Benton / Stocking  1649Milford, New Haven, CT F21801
18 Botsford / Baldwin  1667Milford, New Haven, CT F24781
19 Botsford / Fletcher  1665Milford, New Haven, CT F24782
20 Botsford / Peck  1704Milford, New Haven, CT F25618
21 Brisco / Camp  1672Milford, New Haven, CT F4354
22 Camp / Adkinson  28 Apr 1695Milford, New Haven, CT F13573
23 Camp / Baldwin  28 Sep 1710Milford, New Haven, CT F27796
24 Camp / Baldwin  25 Dec 1740Milford, New Haven, CT F8905
25 Camp / Beard  1652Milford, New Haven, CT F19126
26 Camp / Betts  1672Milford, New Haven, CT F13575
27 Camp / Camp  10 Oct 1682Milford, New Haven, CT F13574
28 Camp / Camp  1733Milford, New Haven, CT F9591
29 Camp / Canfield  1709Milford, New Haven, CT F5734
30 Camp / Clark  1 Mar 1722Milford, New Haven, CT F18056
31 Camp / Clark  1739Milford, New Haven, CT F1234
32 Camp / Crittenden  1757Milford, New Haven, CT F1264
33 Camp / Field  1749Milford, New Haven, CT F20494
34 Camp / Fowler  18 Jun 1744Milford, New Haven, CT F27797
35 Camp / Guernsey  1766Milford, New Haven, CT F13428
36 Camp / Hine  1645Milford, New Haven, CT F7187
37 Camp / Merwin  1739Milford, New Haven, CT F20496
38 Camp / Oviatt  1712Milford, New Haven, CT F8935
39 Camp / Parmalee  1741Milford, New Haven, CT F20495
40 Camp / Parsons  1743Milford, New Haven, CT F19238
41 Camp / Rogers  1680Milford, New Haven, CT F25475
42 Camp / Sanford  1672Milford, New Haven, CT F748
43 Camp / Scofield  6 Jan 1681Milford, New Haven, CT F30654
44 Camp / Smith  29 Jan 1661Milford, New Haven, CT F17222
45 Camp / Smith  1673Milford, New Haven, CT F25447
46 Camp / Strong  1730Milford, New Haven, CT F20497
47 Camp / Unknown  1750Milford, New Haven, CT F5717
48 Canfield / Adkinson  1677Milford, New Haven, CT F23037
49 Canfield / Camp  3 Jan 1705Milford, New Haven, CT F3280
50 Canfield / Crane  1646Milford, New Haven, CT F23967

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