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Newark, Essex, NJ



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Aaron  1719Newark, Essex, NJ I14596
2 BALDWIN, Caleb  1718Newark, Essex, NJ I55922
3 BALDWIN, Elizabeth  1673Newark, Essex, NJ I50817
4 BALDWIN, Elnathan  1687Newark, Essex, NJ I23883
5 BALDWIN, Esther  1720Newark, Essex, NJ I28948
6 BALDWIN, Jeremiah  1695Newark, Essex, NJ I64860
7 BALDWIN, Jonathan  1691Newark, Essex, NJ I83185
8 BALDWIN, Joseph  1684Newark, Essex, NJ I32861
9 BALDWIN, Mary  1724Newark, Essex, NJ I47244
10 BALDWIN, Mary  1751Newark, Essex, NJ I82861
11 BALDWIN, Nathaniel  1690Newark, Essex, NJ I5888
12 BALDWIN, Nehemiah  1722Newark, Essex, NJ I37906
13 BALDWIN, Ruth  1687Newark, Essex, NJ I14926
14 BALDWIN, Samuel  14 Mar 1673Newark, Essex, NJ I41839
15 BALDWIN, Samuel  1706Newark, Essex, NJ I82885
16 BALDWIN, Stephen  1707Newark, Essex, NJ I73937
17 BALDWIN, Timothy  1689Newark, Essex, NJ I74227
18 BEACH, Epenetus  1697Newark, Essex, NJ I16016
19 BEACH, Hannah  Newark, Essex, NJ I67263
20 CAMP, Samuel  1669Newark, Essex, NJ I19683
21 CONDIT, Isaac  1711Newark, Essex, NJ I6118
22 CONDIT, John  1701Newark, Essex, NJ I27785
23 CONDIT, Mary  1705Newark, Essex, NJ I24113
24 CONDIT, Nathaniel  1703Newark, Essex, NJ I33101
25 CONDIT, II Peter  1698Newark, Essex, NJ I70841
26 CONDIT, Philip  1709Newark, Essex, NJ I15116
27 CONDIT, Ruth  Newark, Essex, NJ I32418
28 CONDIT, Samuel  6 Dec 1696Newark, Essex, NJ I8653
29 CRANE, Abigail  1725Newark, Essex, NJ I19504
30 CRANE, I Azariah  1649Newark, Essex, NJ I58159
31 CRANE, Jr Azariah  1 May 1682Newark, Essex, NJ I32963
32 CRANE, III Azariah  1709Newark, Essex, NJ I34625
33 CRANE, Caleb  1713Newark, Essex, NJ I42915
34 CRANE, David  9 Jun 1806Newark, Essex, NJ I3993
35 CRANE, Elijah  1716Newark, Essex, NJ I24909
36 CRANE, Ezekiel  Newark, Essex, NJ I84989
37 CRANE, Gamaliel  1715Newark, Essex, NJ I81408
38 CRANE, Jane  12 Feb 1766Newark, Essex, NJ I75961
39 CRANE, Jonas  1718Newark, Essex, NJ I37569
40 CRANE, Moses  1729Newark, Essex, NJ I43633
41 CRANE, Nathaniel  1680Newark, Essex, NJ I74198
42 CRANE, Nehemiah  1719Newark, Essex, NJ I15942
43 CRANE, Rufus  1744Newark, Essex, NJ I78886
44 CRANE, Samuel  1712Newark, Essex, NJ I51943
45 CRANE, Samuel  1723Newark, Essex, NJ I28501
46 CRANE, Samuel  1747Newark, Essex, NJ I19981
47 CRANE, Silas  1737Newark, Essex, NJ I58910
48 CRANE, Simeon  Newark, Essex, NJ I44517
49 CRANE, Zebina  1772Newark, Essex, NJ I9454
50 DAY, Mary  1713Newark, Essex, NJ I76431

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLING, Sarah  Newark, Essex, NJ I77327
2 BALDWIN, Aaron  1764Newark, Essex, NJ I14596
3 BALDWIN, Elnathan  1738Newark, Essex, NJ I23883
4 BALDWIN, Esther  1776Newark, Essex, NJ I28948
5 BALDWIN, Jeremiah  1778Newark, Essex, NJ I64860
6 BALDWIN, John  1706Newark, Essex, NJ I23726
7 BALDWIN, John  1773Newark, Essex, NJ I38256
8 BALDWIN, Jonathan  1726Newark, Essex, NJ I83185
9 BALDWIN, Joseph  1776Newark, Essex, NJ I32861
10 BALDWIN, Nathaniel  1750Newark, Essex, NJ I5888
11 BALDWIN, Ruth  1717Newark, Essex, NJ I14926
12 BALDWIN, Samuel  1734Newark, Essex, NJ I41839
13 BALDWIN, Stephen  1783Newark, Essex, NJ I73937
14 BALDWIN, Timothy  1739Newark, Essex, NJ I74227
15 BALL, Rebecca  1773Newark, Essex, NJ I40269
16 BOTTSFORD, Ruth  Newark, Essex, NJ I11166
17 BROWN, John  1690Newark, Essex, NJ I84453
18 BROWN, Phebe  Newark, Essex, NJ I43103
19 BROWN, Unknown  1765Newark, Essex, NJ I35059
20 BRUEN, Elizabeth  1746Newark, Essex, NJ I61648
21 CAMP, Dorcas  1765Newark, Essex, NJ I80431
22 CAMP, Samuel  28 Sep 1744Newark, Essex, NJ I19683
23 CAMP, William  1700Newark, Essex, NJ I48183
24 CANFIELD, Israel  1743Newark, Essex, NJ I67871
25 CONDIT, Isaac  1746Newark, Essex, NJ I6118
26 CONDIT, Nathaniel  1746Newark, Essex, NJ I33101
27 CONDIT, Philip  1801Newark, Essex, NJ I15116
28 CONDIT, Ruth  Apr 1805Newark, Essex, NJ I32418
29 CRANE, Abigail  1736Newark, Essex, NJ I19504
30 CRANE, III Azariah  1752Newark, Essex, NJ I34625
31 CRANE, Jr Azariah  1753Newark, Essex, NJ I32963
32 CRANE, Caleb  1793Newark, Essex, NJ I42915
33 CRANE, Daniel  1747Newark, Essex, NJ I23705
34 CRANE, David  16 May 1750Newark, Essex, NJ I68654
35 CRANE, Elijah  1790Newark, Essex, NJ I24909
36 CRANE, Elizabeth  1831Newark, Essex, NJ I46938
37 CRANE, Jr Jasper  16 Mar 1712Newark, Essex, NJ I32860
38 CRANE, John  5 Sep 1776Newark, Essex, NJ I29209
39 CRANE, Jonathan  1744Newark, Essex, NJ I27337
40 CRANE, Moses  12 Feb 1795Newark, Essex, NJ I43633
41 CRANE, Nathaniel  1833Newark, Essex, NJ I19965
42 CRANE, Nehemiah  1751Newark, Essex, NJ I15942
43 CRANE, Nehemiah  26 Nov 1852Newark, Essex, NJ I70259
44 CRANE, Samuel  1746Newark, Essex, NJ I51943
45 CRANE, Samuel  1796Newark, Essex, NJ I28501
46 CRANE, Stephen  1794Newark, Essex, NJ I7682
47 CURRY, Sarah  1735Newark, Essex, NJ I46762
48 DODD, Jr Daniel  1710Newark, Essex, NJ I55703
49 DODD, Eunice  1805Newark, Essex, NJ I14025
50 FREEMAN, Timothy  Newark, Essex, NJ I73307

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Ball  1733Newark, Essex, NJ F26328
2 Baldwin / Crane  Newark, Essex, NJ F25415
3 Baldwin / Dodd  Newark, Essex, NJ F1835
4 Crane / Baldwin  1767Newark, Essex, NJ F7169
5 Crane / Brown  1761Newark, Essex, NJ F28957
6 Crane / Dodd  1766Newark, Essex, NJ F28958
7 Crane / Prince  1706Newark, Essex, NJ F11876
8 Crane / Swaine  Newark, Essex, NJ F11835
9 Crane / Treat  1677Newark, Essex, NJ F20793
10 Crane / Unknown  Newark, Essex, NJ F9564
11 Dodd / Alling  1717Newark, Essex, NJ F1333
12 Dodd / Crane  Newark, Essex, NJ F18009
13 Dodd / Harrison  1720Newark, Essex, NJ F5160
14 Parkhurst / Baldwin  1740Newark, Essex, NJ F20834
15 Tichenor / Baldwin  1690Newark, Essex, NJ F25175
16 Tichenor / Guerin  1736Newark, Essex, NJ F9326
17 Ward / Kitchell  Newark, Essex, NJ F568