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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dellie  1719Scotland I67483
2 (Of Allerdale), Sigrid  1075Scotland I77293
3 Alexander, James  Abt 1638Scotland I77774
4 Alexander, John  Scotland I51117
5 Avenal, Isabella Of Scotland  Abt 1165Scotland I6443
6 Baillie, Kenneth  Scotland I38689
7 Boyd, Janet  Abt 1453Scotland I87994
8 Bruce, Princess Marjorie  1297Scotland I88111
9 Bruce, Robert  1245Scotland I83713
10 Bruce, Robert Competitor  1210Scotland I24431
11 Buchan, Elizabeth  1560Scotland I88088
12 Canedy, Alexander  1654Scotland I38438
13 Cheney, John  1600Scotland I34672
14 Cochrane, John  1687Scotland I17055
15 De Baliol, Guy  Abt 1108Scotland I2829
16 De Huntington, Ada  1146Scotland I454
17 Douglas, Euphemia  1711Scotland I25189
18 Douglas, James  1371Scotland I7274
19 Douglas, James  Abt 1400Scotland I84591
20 Douglas, James  1431Scotland I63777
21 Douglas, Janet  1455Scotland I72764
22 Douglas, John  1466Scotland I2437
23 Douglas, John  1636Scotland I48650
24 Douglas, John  1666Scotland I39632
25 Douglas, Robert  1639Scotland I4950
26 Drummond, Annabella  1355Scotland I34207
27 Duke Of Kintyre, Robert Bruce Stuart  18 Jan 1602Scotland I1071
28 Earl Of Huntington, Henry Of Huntington  1114Scotland I36100
29 Ewing, Findley  1650Scotland I60594
30 Flood, S.   I9073
31 Forbes, Grizell  1636Scotland I67369
32 Forbes, Thomas  1606Scotland I27805
33 Gailbraith, John  1670Scotland I73980
34 Galbraith, John  1640Scotland I46977
35 Gifford, Elizabeth  1401Scotland I75603
36 Gilbreath  1615Scotland I38039
37 Grant, William Jr  1726Scotland I60575
38 Gurley, William  1665Scotland I21140
39 Harkness, Adam  1710Scotland I16782
40 Hastings, Edward  1542Scotland I58924
41 Hay, Elizabeth  1501Scotland I22449
42 Hepburn, Janet  1471Scotland I4495
43 Hepburn, Patrick  1450Scotland I81792
44 Hosea, Jane  1802Scotland I32291
45 Irvine, Charles J  1696Scotland I16222
46 Irvine, John  15 Sep 1742Scotland I7204
47 Judkins, Job  1606Scotland I40154
48 King Of Alba, Constantine I Of Alba  836Scotland I41371
49 King Of Alba, Domnall II Of Alba  Abt 862Scotland I50429
50 King Of Alba, Kenneth I Macalpin (Cinaed)  810Scotland I84061
51 King Of Kintyre, Alpin Of Kintyre  778Scotland I75153
52 King Of Scotland, James I  1393Scotland I45781
53 King Of Scotland, James II  1430Scotland I34755
54 King Of Scotland, James III  1453Scotland I76191
55 King Of Scotland, Kenneth II  932Scotland I83929
56 King Of Scotland, Malcolm I  897Scotland I59377
57 King Of Scotland, Malcolm II  958Scotland I13826
58 King Of Scotland, Robert I  1274Scotland I10896
59 King Of Scotland, Sir Robert II  1316Scotland I88109
60 King Of Scotland, Robert III  1337Scotland I52293
61 King Of Scotland, William I The Lion  1143Scotland I60340
62 Mar, Isobel  1265Scotland I1809
63 MCFALL, Arthur Burton  1821Scotland I88175
64 McGary, Margaret D.  1866Scotland I44143
65 McINTOSH, Peter  6 Oct 1758Scotland I5863
66 McKnight, John I  Abt 1640Scotland I69765
67 McLathlin, Robert  1639Scotland I83874
68 Mure, Lady Elizabeth Of Rowallan  Scotland I88108
69 Murray, Anne  1687Scotland I32880
70 Murray, Charles  1661Scotland I53006
71 Ogilvy, George  1537Scotland I58421
72 Oglivy, Janet  1576Scotland I78190
73 Porter, Esther  1718Scotland I13516
74 Prince Of Wales, Henry Frederick Stuart  19 Feb 1594Scotland I52809
75 Prindle, William  1631Scotland I17005
76 Scotland, I Alexander  Scotland I77211
77 Scotland, Mary Canmore Of  1080Scotland I57148
78 Seton, Beatrix  1537Scotland I49423
79 Seton, George  1471Scotland I13492
80 Seton, George  1501Scotland I40415
81 Smith, James  1665Scotland I16086
82 SMITH, Walter  Scotland I88044
83 Southerland, Alexander  Abt 1620Scotland I53752
84 Stewart, James II  Scotland I88077
85 Stuart, Elizabeth  1373Scotland I25199
86 Stuart, Elizabeth The Winter Queen  19 Aug 1596Scotland I34773
87 Stuart, Margaret  1425Scotland I61759
88 Stuart, Margaret  24 Dec 1598Scotland I25835
89 Stuart, Mary  1380Scotland I39100
90 Stuart, Mary  18 Apr 1605Scotland I78318
91 Stuart, Sophia  22 Jun 1606Scotland I69370
92 Unknown  1624Scotland I10081
93 Unknown, Beatrice  Scotland I42189
94 Unknown, Dionysia  Abt 1108Scotland I53187
95 Walkup, Samuel  Abt 1698Scotland I21306
96 Wallace, Eldest  Abt 1610Scotland I46466
97 Wallace, Elizabeth  Abt 1640Scotland I60738
98 Wallace, John  Abt 1636Scotland I28490
99 Wallace, Matthew  Abt 1632Scotland I37408
100 Wallace, Matthew II  Abt 1672Scotland I24812

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Janet  Scotland I87994
2 Bruce, Princess Marjorie  1316Scotland I88111
3 Bruce, Robert Competitor  1295Scotland I24431
4 De Beaufort, Joan  1445Scotland I36813
5 DE CUNINGESBURGH, LORA  Abt 1360Scotland I88005
6 De Lorraine, Mary  1560Scotland I6398
7 Denmark, Margaret  1486Scotland I67154
8 Douglas, Anne  1667Scotland I88009
9 Douglas, James  1441Scotland I7274
10 Douglas, James  1457Scotland I84591
11 Douglas, Jean  1678Scotland I88023
12 Drummond, Annabella  1401Scotland I34207
13 Gifford, Elizabeth  1456Scotland I75603
14 Graham, Margaret Countess of Menteith  4 May 1380Scotland I88107
15 King Of Scotland, James I  1437Scotland I45781
16 King Of Scotland, James II  1460Scotland I34755
17 King Of Scotland, James III  11 Jun 1488Scotland I76191
18 King Of Scotland, Robert I  1329Scotland I10896
19 King Of Scotland, Sir Robert II  1390Scotland I88109
20 King Of Scotland, Robert III  1406Scotland I52293
21 Leslie, Agnes  Feb 1594Scotland I88019
22 Lyon, Jean  Mar 1610Scotland I88017
23 McElwain, Patrick I.  Nov 1613Scotland I71524
24 Merthens, Eva  1811Scotland I87984
25 Murray, Charles  1710Scotland I53006
26 Of Northumbria, Aelflaed (Sybil)  1040Scotland I59392
27 Ogilvy, George  1621Scotland I58421
28 Ogilvy, Margaret  14 Feb 1609Scotland I88013
29 SMITH, Walter  Scotland I88044
30 Stuart, Elizabeth  1411Scotland I25199
31 Watson, John  1844Scotland I41289
32 Watts, Catherine  1711Scotland I8057


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 nic Gille Crist, Beatrix Countess of Angus  1270Scotland I88117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Acceded    Person ID 
1 King Of Scotland, David I  1124Scotland I36065

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Baron Percy, Henry De Percy IV  1300Scotland I47787
2 King Of Scotland, David I  Abt 1080Scotland I36065
3 Scotland, Matilda Canmore Of  Oct 1079Scotland I12199

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Jarl Of Maer, Ragnvald I Eysteinsson The Wise  890Scotland I64813

Designated as Heir to Throne of Scotland

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Designated as Heir to Throne of Scotland    Person ID 
1 King Of Scotland, Sir Robert II  Between 14 Oct 1318 and 5 Mar 1324Scotland I88109

Guardian of Scotland (Regent)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Guardian of Scotland (Regent)    Person ID 
1 King Of Scotland, Sir Robert II  Between 1334 and 1335Scotland I88109

Info 6

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Info 6    Person ID 
1 de Burgh, Gille of Ulster  Scotland I88113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reigned    Person ID 
1 King Of Scotland, Sir Robert II  Between 1371 and 1390Scotland I88109

Sealed to child (LDS)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Sealed to child (LDS)    Person ID 
1 Mure, Lady Elizabeth Of Rowallan  Scotland I88108


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Unknown  1659Scotland F18283
2 Bruce / De Clare  Scotland F8772
3 Canedy / Annable  Scotland F13780
4 Douglas / Stuart  1455Scotland F22783
5 Drummond / Douglas  18 Jan 1670Scotland F33423
6 Keith / Merthens  1714Scotland F33400
7 King Of Scotland / De Beaufort  1423Scotland F16370
8 King Of Scotland / Drummond  1373Scotland F18710
9 McKnight / Wallace  Abt 1660Scotland F24850
10 Murray / Stanley  1659Scotland F22183
11 Murray / Watts  1682Scotland F18957
12 Scotland / Plantagenet  1107Scotland F27477
13 Watson / Hosea  1820Scotland F14798

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 King Of Scotland / Of Northumbria  1030Scotland F6470
2 King Of Scotland / Of Northumbria  1113Scotland F12944
3 King Of Scotland / Of Wessex  1070Scotland F28604


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