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Report: Christians Icons

         Description: Famous Christians Icons on KinshipTree

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# Full Name Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Spouse Name Marriage Date Marriage Place
1 Apostle of Jesus James "The Little" AlphaeusApostle of Jesus James "The Little" Alphaeus      Yes, date unknown         
2 Apostle of Jesus Jude Thaddaeus AlphaeusApostle of Jesus Jude Thaddaeus Alphaeus               
3 Apostle of Jesus Simon AlphaeusApostle of Jesus Simon Alphaeus               
4 Saint AnneSaint Anne      Yes, date unknown    Saint Joachim Ben Levi     
5 King of Kings Jesus Christ, Of NazarethKing of Kings Jesus Christ, Of Nazareth  1 Jan  Nazareth, Israel   33  Jerusalem, Israel        
6 Mary Levi of ClopasMary Levi of Clopas      Yes, date unknown    Alphaeus "Cleopas" Unknown     
7 ElizabethElizabeth          Priest Zechariah     
8 John the EvangelistJohn the Evangelist               
9 James the GreatJames the Great               
10 Saint Joseph ben JacobSaint Joseph ben Jacob  Abt 0038 BC In  Bethlehem, Judea   Yes, date unknown    Blessed Virgin Mary Levi, Of Judah     
11 John the BaptistJohn the Baptist               
12 Saint Joachim Ben LeviSaint Joachim Ben Levi  Abt 58 BC    Yes, date unknown    Saint Anne     
13 Blessed Virgin Mary Levi, Of JudahBlessed Virgin Mary Levi, Of Judah      Yes, date unknown    Saint Joseph ben Jacob     
14 Saint Jacob ben MatthanSaint Jacob ben Matthan      Yes, date unknown         
15 Mary Levi of SalomeMary Levi of Salome          Zebedee     
16 Alphaeus "Cleopas" UnknownAlphaeus "Cleopas" Unknown      Yes, date unknown    Mary Levi of Clopas     
17 ZebedeeZebedee          Mary Levi of Salome     
18 Priest ZechariahPriest Zechariah          Elizabeth     


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