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Report: Biblical Icons

         Description: Famous People of the Old Testatment on KinshipTree

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# Full Name Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place
1 Isaac Ben AbrahamIsaac Ben Abraham  1922 BC  Haran, Padan-Aram   1742 BC  Beersheba, Canaan, Palestine  
2 Moses Of AmramitesMoses Of Amramites         
3 King Jacob Ibn Isaac, Of Goshen TwinKing Jacob Ibn Isaac, Of Goshen Twin  1892 BC  Lahai-Roi   1745 BC  Rameses, Goshen, Egypt  
4 David Ben Jesse King of IsraelDavid Ben Jesse King of Israel  Abt 1055 BC  Bethlehem, Judah, Israel   Abt 1015 BC  Jerusalem, Judah, Israel  
5 Saul King of IsraelSaul King of Israel  Abt 1063 BC    Abt 1011 BC   
6 Solomon Ben David King of IsraelSolomon Ben David King of Israel  Abt 1035 BC      City Of David  
7 Noah "Noe" Ben LamechNoah "Noe" Ben Lamech  Abt 2400 BC    Yes, date unknown   
8 Abraham "Abram" "Ibrahim" TerahAbraham "Abram" "Ibrahim" Terah  Abt 2052  Ur, Chaldea   1877 BC  Hebron, Canaan, Palestine  
9 Sarai "Sarah" Ben TerahSarai "Sarah" Ben Terah  Abt 2042 BC  Ur of Chaldea     Hebron  
10 "Yahweh" Yhwh"Yahweh" Yhwh      Yes, date unknown   
11 Adam Adda Ben YhwhAdam Adda Ben Yhwh  Abt 4174 BC  Mesopotamia, Iraq   3244 BC   
12 Eve Bint YhwhEve Bint Yhwh  Abt 4174 BC  Mesopotamia, Iraq   Yes, date unknown   


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