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Report: American Civil War Heroes

         Description: Heroes of the American Civil War on Kinshiptree

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# Full Name Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Spouse Name Marriage Date Marriage Place
1 General John Reid CoffeyGeneral John Reid Coffey  27 Mar 1814  Wartrace, Bedford Co., TN   21 Mar 1896  Prob. Jackson Co., AL   Mary Ann Cross  2 Jan 1849   
2 General Robert Edward LeeGeneral Robert Edward Lee  19 Jan 1807  Stratford, Westmoreland, VA   12 Oct 1870  Lexington, Albemarle, VA   Mary Anne Randolph Custis  30 Jun 1831  Arlington House In Virginia  
3 General Humphrey MarshallGeneral Humphrey Marshall  13 Jan 1812  Frankfort, Woodford, County, KY   28 Mar 1872  Louisville, Jefferson, County, KY   Frances E. McAlister  23 Jan 1833  Louisville, Jefferson, County, KY  
4 General William Tecumseh ShermanGeneral William Tecumseh Sherman  8 Feb 1820  Lancaster, Ohio   14 Feb 1891  New York, NY   Eleanor Boyle Ewing     
5 Colonel Philip Brent SpenceColonel Philip Brent Spence  14 Oct 1836  Nashville, Tenn   16 Feb 1915    Virginia Berry     
6 Adjutant General Thornton Augustine WashingtonAdjutant General Thornton Augustine Washington  22 Jan 1826  Cedar Lawn, Jefferson County, Virginia   10 Jul 1894  Washington, District Of Columbia   Olive Ann Jones  8 Mar 1860  San Antonio, TX  


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